Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello World

So here I am, on a dreary Friday in Sydney, procrastinating.

This is a common hobby of mine, procrastinating. It is a wonderful thing. It ensure that the day passes speedily, and the next thing you know its 7pm and the news is on.

As a uni student, procrastinating is a good skill to have; I say 'skill' because procrastination - good procrastination - is a fine art. Sure, anyone can waste away their day, sitting on the internet, avoiding their pressing work. But a proper procrastinator never forgets that they are procrastinating; the work that you should be doing is sitting there firmly at the back of your mind, constantly but gently nagging at you. The good procrastinator never lets that little voice of reason and logic get to them - but they never tell it to shut up and leave them alone in blissful silence (except for the clicking of the keyboard). This ensures that at the end of the day you're feeling guilty as hell and maybe, maybe you won't do it again tomorrow. But you always do.

I am currently avoiding a litigation essay on Adversarial vs. Inquisitorial systems. I have absolutely no motivation to do it. It might be the weather. It might be the fact I'm in my last semester of a very long five year degree. It might be the fact that I just don't care that much about whether the Adversarial system is better or worse than the Inquisitorial system. I suspect it is an amalgamation of all these things.

So, this is what has driven me to create my own blog. I highly doubt that this will last; I will not be one of those people who have something to write about everyday.

Parfois is my favourite French word. It sounds sexy; it slips off the tounge like water in the shower, and can answer any question. It is so cool, so nonchalant. So that's why it is the title of my blog.

That, and I couldn't think of anything else!

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Steve said...

Hello there! Awesome post; insightful and interesting... But you need to post more!